Friday, 26 February 2010


I'm having a foodie blog evening, I have decided, it shall be so.

I just read this lovely post on Apartment Therapy about family mealtimes and traditions. D and I both recall spending childhood mealtimes eating off our laps, in front of the TV, often alone & eating different things to the rest of our families. We were thrilled when we moved to our new flat and had enough space for a dining table - we bought a 60's melamine round table from Luna - a wicked little vintage store in Nottingham.

We eat at this table every meal of every day. I read somewhere that the family that eats together stays together, about how quality time and sharing stories from your day unites and strengthens the family bonds. D and I both look forward to our mealtimes, one of us cooks, the other sets the table. I love to set the table - with brown leather style placemats and retro patterned coasters or cork squares from Habitat and purple wine glasses and teal and olive tumblers - oh I get giddy just thinking about table-settings and beautiful dishware. Seriously. I have major crushes on them. I cut out pictures from magazines and make collages for future inspiration. You think I'm mental don't you?

(edit: I just found this picture below in one of my random photo files - it is dated last September - yes that's right, I set my table just to take photos of it then keep them for months)


Vin would always pick dinner-time to freak out, that is until I lift him up on to my lap, where he is happy to be part of the action. This week we bought him a high chair (The Antilop from Ikea if you're in the market) and now he can sit up at the table with us. I can't wait for all the lovely family dinners we will have together - roasts on a Sunday; porridge and fresh juices in the mornings and all the happy family traditions we will create. I hope that one day he will look back on those times and have fond memories, I know I will (even if it is just because of the placemat porn).



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