Thursday, 15 April 2010

Sometimes I forget that I’m not Bakerella, which is how my cup-cookies/ cookie cakes/ muffin biscuits came about.

It started with this post from Bakerella. I made these cookie mix jars for my sister and my friend as part of the Handmade Christmas project. But then I didn’t see my friend over Xmas. And by the time we did go out to dinner, it was embarrassingly late to produce my gift. So I shoved the jar to the back of the cupboard where I forgot about it until last week when I was clearing out the cupboards ready for the move.


p.s. does anyone have any ideas who to stop the sugar from mashing into the M&Ms like that? Bakerella's look a lot neater than mine did!

In what I thought was a baking inspired brain wave I decided to use up all my ingredients before moving. I made bread, cake, lemonade (600g of sugar- hell yeah) and decided I might as well use up the cookie mix too. Only I couldn’t remember how much butter to use. So I guessed. Which led to Very Runny Cookie Dough. I couldn’t mould the balls with my hands. So I poured it into muffin cases instead.

And they looked something like this.


They were the perfect consistency for cookies, still soft in the middle, but crunchy on the outside. Just a bit umm… weird. Being that they were cake-shaped and all. But hey, if it’s good enough for Bakerella.

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