Saturday, 19 June 2010

Happy Day for Daddies

I have to admit something, though I'm usually a fan of the handmade, I have completely cheated this father's day - I bought cards and instead of the delicious brunch in bed of with homemade granola and fruit juice cocktails that Vin's dada no doubt deserves I bought him tickets to the Taste of London Festival tomorrow.

Buying cards was actually trickier than making them, not least because as well as a card for Vin to give to his daddy, I had to find suitable cards for my dads too. And between sappy sentiments and inaccurate platitudes every year I decide that the following year I am not only going to make my own cards, I am going to release a whole range of cards for modern families - "Best Dad in the World" just doesn't quite cut it for the father who I haven't spoken to in three months, while "Daddy's Girl" seems wholly inappropriate on a number of levels.

I wonder if there is a market for "To my Sperm Donor" cards? I definitely know that my bespoke line of "Just because you're married to my mom doesn't mean you're my dad, but I have been told to get you a card anyway" father's day card would be a surefire hit with the non-nuclear family of the 21st century.

For years I have been wondering why someone can't just make cards saying "You're like a dad to me" or something similar - this covers a multitude of familial situations; grandfathers, step-dads, uncles etc - and not a cutesy bunny in sight.

Here's some Father's Day inspiration from around the web, just incase you don't want one of my custom cards:


Try some napkin origami with this how-to from How About Orange - entirely useless, but maybe that's an appropriate sentiment for certain daddies?

Side-note:  it seems that Father's Day crafts are dominated with the shirt and tie combos of white collar professionals - wonder what Little V is supposed to craft for his dada who wears a fishnet tanktop and jazz shoes to work?

Food gifts seem to be popular, and can be personalised like these labels from Martha Stewart. Blonde Designs showed a quick but stylish junk-food gift and I like the idea of gifting this homemade barbecue sauce - but maybe not for my lifelong vegetarian papi.

And while D has banned me from buying him novelty items from Etsy (since a silkscreened octopus tie ended up in the charity bag), I can't resist this Mr Mustache Shaving Bag - I am tempted to use it as a make-up bag:





  1. mustache bag is very cute indeed.
    its always handmade for father's day - but handmade by ME. He thinks its because i'm sentimental. Its really because I'm a cheapskate!

    hope your family enjoys father's day there in london!!!
    cheers from california!

  2. Hee hee, that moustache bag is brilliant!