Friday, 18 June 2010

The times they are a'changing

How amazing is this 'family portrait' taken over 30 years:


(it seems to be doing the rounds of the blogosphere but the earliest source I can find is here)

I am a bit obsessed with documenting time passing at the moment. Facing Vinny's first birthday I am left with a blurry fleeting memory of the last nine months, like the landscape that flicks before your eyes from a train window... but without a single full night of sleep.

I wish I had started taking monthly photos of Vin like this mama and this mama. That's why I think these Baby Month Cards from Blonde Designs are a great idea. I would have taken bump pics using them too, had I had the forethought.

I am putting together a photo-collage table display for one of the tables at Vin's birthday party, I plan to find pics from each month and line them up in frames or pegged up using one of these Ikea curtain wires

And because I am hoping Vincent will live up to his namesake and be a little artist when he's older, I could use it to display his artwork like this mama does:


So cute huh?



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  1. Wow! that family evolution is amazing! . great idea