Friday, 5 March 2010


I have a whole list of WiPs (Work in Progresses) - as well as baby-raising, house moving, bathroom cleaning, bread baking and so on... they clutter up my mind and fill me full of regrets when I realise I will never accomplish them all.

But if there is one thing I have promised myself I will complete this year, it is writing a book.

My working title is 'A Year of Housewife Chic' or 'Housewife Chic all Year Round' - I can't decide but I'm sure you get the jist. It will be a month by month collection of crafts, recipes and inspiration focussing on twisting traditions, creating beauty and all of the lovely things that I believe being a housewife encompasses. I am experimenting with a more poetic and visual writing style than I am used to, and hope that I will be able to include glimpses of my life in with the practical things.

This is the introduction to the book - I am posting it here because I feel it sums up exactly what I'm trying to achieve with the book - before I had written it I kept wavering all over the place with style and content - so now I have some focus.

The Evolution of the Housewife

As a feminist and child of the 21st century I have never warmed to the notion of the housewife. The word housewife comes with it the dreary image of domestic drudgery, preening, polishing and pastel twinsets. Doilies and aprons and other trivialities. A non-profession that has no relevance in this day and age of the career and money dichotomy.

But it is through turning away from the need/greed unhappiness of this era, in searching for sustainability, and avoiding consumerism and social branding that I have been drawn to the art of housewifery. As a nation I believe that we are sensing a need for humbleness, a return to simplicity and craving a slower pace. Through my own transformations into mother, wife and provider I was drawn to the old-fashioned romanticism, nostalgia and traditionalism that I believe the Housewife encapsulates. Add in the selling points of the 21st Century - communication, technology and an awareness of the bigger picture - and you can see how the modern Housewife thrives - creating, cultivating and collecting beauty.

The chic housewife does not judge her self-worth by the cleanliness of her floors, she is not defined by her skill with a souffle, and would never be described as just a wife or mother. She might not be a mother, or a wife for that matter. She might live in a high-rise or in a basement. She might be a he.

The chic housewife takes pride in herself, her family and her home - her aim is to use her skills, whatever they may be, to make things a little better. She might not change the world Photobucket(but she could) and I'm sure this book won't. But if we were to start a revolution, you and I, I'm sure we can make the world an inspiring, beautiful and comforting place to be.


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