Thursday, 17 June 2010

Brick Lane Baby

I have been a terrible blogger lately. With like a million post ideas rattling around in my (newly shorn) head - yep that's right, I cut my hair mega short(!) - all I find myself doing is procrastinating.

Last weekend I got over my fear of travelling the city with Vin and we headed into the East End.


It is weird to think back on all the time I spent in London previously, I never enjoyed it. The crowds, the facelessness, the height and the speed (even the elevators move quicker) - it all made me feel very small.

I guess it shows how much those eyes and that mind have changed and grown, I recognised the shops and the streets but I drank it all in. The art and music and food - there was everything I love about Dam Square, the Champs Elysees and La Ramblas, but on my doorstep.


London has always held a mystical romance for me, I guess in the same way that Americans think of it - quaint and Victorian. But the London I am experiencing now is that and so much more. A vibrant and pulsing collection of mini cities, each with their own background, in-crowd and soundtrack, connected by a multicoloured spaghetti mess of electric trains hidden deep under the ground.


We're going again this weekend, to see David in Westend Live on Saturday, and then to Taste of London on Sunday for D's Father's day gift!


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